Bitumen/Asphalt Testing Machine

Flow Cup Viscometer.
We manufacturer Flow cup viscometer as per IS 101 B-4 type complete with stand and leveling screws for adjustment.

Bitumen Sampler.
Bitumen Sampler is a strong metal vessel of about half litre capacity, the handle of which shall be attached by a means not adversely affected by hot bitumen. IS: 1201.

Bitumen Penetrometer.
Bitumen Penetrometer is basically used for testing bitumen, tar, cement and soils.

Benkalman Beam apparatus.
We Manufacture a very fine quality of Benkalam Beam which is generally used for pavement analysist.

Bitumen Penetration Kit.
Bitumen Penetration Kit include Penetration Needle, transfer dish and set of sample containers.

Ring & Ball/ Softening Point apparatus.
Ring and ball apparatus is used to determine softening point. It is that temperature at which a sample of bituminous material loaded by a 9.5mm dia steel ball drops at a distance of 25mm.

Tar Viscometer.
Tar Viscometer is generally used for determing the Viscosity of cut back bitumen and road oil. It consists bath with cup of 10mm or 4mm erific and sleeve stirrer with ball lifting clip and ball.

Film Stripping Device.
The Film Stripping Device is used to measure the resistance of bituminous mixtures to stripping of asphalt from the rock particles. It is generally used to evaluate the mineral aggregate.

Bitumen Mixer.
We manufacture Bitumen Mixer which we supply at a very competitive Prices to our clients.

Rock Cutting Machine.
Rock cutting machine can be used to cut Rock Cores. Concrete Cores, Stones, Building materials and metallic specimens. A smooth finish cut can be made with the machine in either wet or dry operation according to the nature of specimen.

Diamond Core Bit.
We manufacture and suplly the Diamond Core Bit which is in high demand.

Core Cutting Machine.
Core Cutting Machine Generally Use to cut the cores of concrete, Rock, Stone, Tiles or the similar Material. It is suitable for care samples of size upto 150mm diameter with the help of thin walled Diamond Bits which are at extra cost.

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