Cement, Concrete, Aggregate Testing Equipments

We Manufactured Cement, Concrete and aggregate testing machine of high quality which deliver optimum performance. Our range includes Flexural Strength Testingmachine, Cube Mould, Beam Mould, Cylindrical Mould, Slump Test Apparatus, Vee-Bee Consistometer, Flow Table, Compaction Factor Apparatus, Pocket Penetrometer,Cement Autoclave, Length Comprator, Cement Spatula, Mixing apparatus, ConcreteMixture, Standard Test Sieves, Riffle Sample Divider, Cement Tensile Testing machine, Blain Air Permeability apparatus, Vicat Needle apparatus, Aggregate Impact ValueTester, Aggregate Crushing Value apparatus, Deval Abrasion Testing Machine, DorryAbrasion Testing Machine. Sand Absorption Cone and Temper and many more. We also customized the products as per the customer's requirements.

Cube/ Compression Testing Machine

Cube/ Compression Testing Machines manufactured by us are designed so that it canefficiently meets the need to test concrete cube for its compressive strength. The Outputof offered by compression testing machines are free of error as these are manufactured using superior quality raw material

Capacity :
10 tonnes, 25 tonnes, 50 tonnes, 100 tonnes, 200 tonnes or 100 K.N., 250 K.N., 500 K.N., 1000 K.N., 2000 K.N.

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Vibrating Machine

We also Manufacture Vibrating machine that are used for preparation of Mortar Cube or Moulds and also are used in the determination of compression strength of ordinary and repair hardening Portland Cement and low heat Portland Cement Our Vibrating Machine Manufactured are equipped with revolving shafts that generate vibrations mounted over coiled springs. Provided with belt guard and a time switch, these vibrating machines are suitable for operation in 230 volts, 50 cycles single phase A.C supply.

Confirmation quality standard: BIS-4031
Vibration is mounted over coiled springs
Revolving shafts with an eccentric generate vibrations
Frequency required: 12000±400 vibrations per minute
Easy assembling and dismantling of cube mould
Supplied complete with one cube mould

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Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine

Los Angeles Abrasion Testing is one of our highly Demanded Products. The main Purpose of Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine is for determining the resistance to wear of small size coarse aggregates and crushed rock. Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine consists of a hollow cylinder, mounted on a sturdy frame on ball bearings. A detachable shelf which extends throughout the inside length of the drum catches the abrasive charge and does not allow it to fall on the cover. The drum is rotated at a sped of 30-33 rpm by an electric motor through a heavy-duty reduction gear. Motor is suitable for operation on 415V, 3 phase, 50 HZ, AC Supply.
Supplied complete with a tray for collection of the materials with revolution counter and abrasive charge.
Abrasive charge, consist of a set of 12 hardened steel balls of 48mm dia. Approx.
Revolution Counter

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Impact Value Testing Machine

Impact Value Testing Machine is used for determination of resistance to wear for cement concrete flooring tiles. Impact Value Testing Equipment help in determining of the impact value of aggregate and the sturdy construction includes a base, which helps in supporting the columns to form a rigid framework around the quick release trigger mechanism for ensuring the effective free fall of the hammer during test. he hammer is offered with locking arrangement and the free fall can be easily adjusted through the 380+ 5mm. The apparatus is given completed with cylindrical cup, with the metal measure 75 mm dia x 50 mm high and tamping rod. Our equipment is fabricated in compliance with IS: 2386(part IV) standards and can be easily customized in compliance with client requirement.

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Concrete Test Hammer

Concrete Test Hammer is an instrument which is easy to use, for quick and approximate measurement of the resistance to pressure of manufactured concrete products. The principles on which Concrete Test Hammer works are based on the rebound impact of a hammer on a piston which rests against the surface of the concrete products. The Greater the resistance of the concrete, greater is the rebounded impact. By reading this rebound impact on a scale and relating it to curves on graphs supplied with the instrument, the resistance to compression in MPa or PSI can be found, with 20% of actual

Consists of a barrel in which is housed a hammer mass attached to an impact spring which slides on a guide bar. A plunger is attached to the guide bar which is pressed against the surface to be tested. As the piston is pressed against the surface to be tested, on reaching the compressive strength, the hammer mass is released and rebounds to a certain extent (according to the strength of the surface) which is indicated by a rider on a calibrated scale. A lock button fixed on the body of the hammer locks the rider in place and the rider can be recared to zero position by using the same button. The equivalent compressive strength can be computed from the chart supplied. Each hammer is calibrated against at standard test hammer, and is suitable for specimen of compressive strengths 100 - 700 kg/cm. The instrument, complete with a grinding stone for polishing the test surface, is supplied in carrying case.

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