Soil Testing Equipments

Cone Penetrometer
Cone Penetrometer is generally require to determined the Liquid Limit of the soil.

Shrinkage Limit.
Shrinkage Limit is the maximum water content at which a reduction in water content does not cause an appreciable reduction in volume of the soil mass.

Plastic Limit.
For determination purpose plastic limit is defined as the water content at which a soil will just begin to crumble when rolled into a thread of 3mm. dia.

Sieve Shaker.
Sieve Shaker is generally Sieving Simpler & Quicker.

Sand Pouring Cylinder (Field Density Apparatus).
Sand pouring Cylinder apparatus is used for the in place determination, of the dry density of compact, fine and medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50 cm thickness.

Pycnometer useful to determine specific gravity of clays, sand and gravel of size smaller than 10 mm..

Proctor Compaction apparatus.
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Universal Soil Automatic Compactor.
It is useful for soil Compaction 100 mm or 150 mm diameter moulds.

Proctor Needle.
Proctor needles are used for quick evaluation of maximum soil density in the field.

Permeability apparatus.
Permeabilty is one of the most Engineering properties in Soil Machine as it governs rate of settlement of saturated compressible soil layer and rate of flow of equifer.

Constant Volume Mould.
For remoulding disturbed soil samples to their field densities or to any other specified densities, constant volume moulds are required which may be of different sizes, so as to make soil specimens for different laboratory test.

Triaxial Cell.
We manufactured Triaxial Cell which is used to apply total stress.

Universal Triaxial Cell.
Universal Triaxial Cell Suitable for testing 38mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm diameter specimens.

Constant Pressure System.
Constant Pressure System device is used to maintain cell pressure constant for a long duration and the system can be used in place of convensional constant pressure system .

Autolevel Consolidometer.
Autolevel Consolidometer motorised, the loading lever level is maintained automatically when weights are added to the hanger and as consolidation of the specimen takes place.

CBR Load Frame.
CBR Load Frames are used to apply load on the test specimen.

CBR Mould.
CBR Mould Manufactured by us deliver a highly performance.

Penetration Piston.
We manufacture penetration Piston which is use California Bearing Ratio.

Rammer 2.6 Kg.
It is one of the most engineering Propertis in soil testing machine.

Rammer 4.89 Kg.
It is one of the most engineering Propertis in soil testing machine.

Dial Gauge.
We Manufacture Dial Guage 0.01 mm x 25 mm travel.

Field CBR Test Apparatus.
The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) field test yields relative strength of in–situ soils and some base course materials.

Load Truss up to 500 KN.
We At Lab Testing Equipments Provide Load Truss Upto 500 KN.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
The dynamic cone penetrometer is used to measures both a soils shear and compressive strength.

High Tensile Proving Ring up to 2000 KN.
We offer to our clients High Tensile Proving Ring up to 2000 KN.

Tension Compression Proving Ring up to 50 KN.
Tension Compression Proving Rings are used for load Measurement. We offer Tension Compression Proving Ring Up to 50 KN.

Auger Head.
Augers are used to collect distributed soil samples at reasonal depths for laboratory tests. We offer Auger Head To our customers at a very competitive Prices.

SPT (Standard Penetration Test Apparatus)
The Standard Penetration test (SPT) is a common in situ testing method used to determine the geotechnical engineering properties of subsurface soils. It is a simple and inexpensive test to estimate the relative density of soils and approximate shear strength parameters. .

Split Spoon Sampler.
Split Spoon Sampler is used for Standard Penetration Test. For determining penetration resistance (N value) of soil which can be related to unconfined Compressive strength.

Drive Weight.
We offer superiot quality Drive Weight to our customers.

Tripod Stand
Tripod Stand For supporting apparatus during heating.

'A' Drill Rod.
We offer 'A' Drill rod to our customers which is used with Portable aluminium Derrick.

Universal Extractor Frame.
Universal Extarctor Frame is Designed to extract specimens from almost every type of sampling tube and mould used in solid engineering laboratory or in the field.

Soil Trimmer.
Soil Trimmer is used for trimming of various diameter specimen for unconfined and triaxial testings in routine research and educational laboratories.

Vane Shear Apparatus.
Vane Shear Apparatus is come into use where it is difficult to obtain suitable specimens or where intrusion from a sampling tube may cause too much of a disturbance.
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