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Direct Shear Apparatus

We at Lab Testing Equipments Manufacture Direct Shear apparatus .The Industries where Direct Shear Apparatus find application are Construction, Testing of rock samples, Test of Minerals, Mining etc. Designed as per IS: 2720 (Part XIII), the direct shear apparatus is available in 3 variants such as hand operated, motorized with single speed and motorized with 12 speeds. For determination of the direct shear strength of soils on specimen size 60 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm.

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Plate Bearing Test Apparatus

Plate Bearing Test Apparatus Manufactured by us is in high on demand in the market. This is generally use for the bearing capacity of shallow foundations in situ and for the design of flexible pavement. In the test procedure a steel plate is subjected to gradually increasing load and settlements of the plates recorded. Maximum bearing capacity is noted as that load at which the plate starts sinking rapidly.

The basic outfit consists of: 50 Tones Hydraulic jack with separate pumping unit fixed to it a 0-500 KN. x 0.5 KN. Pressure gauge and flexible metal pipe 5mtr.long - 1 No. Special ball and socket arrangement between the jack and the bearing plate - 1 No. Extension rod 12mm. dia x 25cm long for taking dial gauge readings - 16 Nos. Magnetic base with female thread on top for holding extension rod - 4 Nos. Top end plate, 50mm, dia with male thread for fitting onto the extension rods and positioning the dial gauge plunger - 4 Nos. Column 15cm dia x 25cm long with flanges complete with four bolts and nuts - 2 Nos. Column 15cm x 50cm long with flanges complete with four bolts and nuts - 1 Nos. Bridge support of welded steel angle construction, 5 mtr. span and stands approximately 30cm, high, fitted with two quick release clamps after positioning and holding the dial bracket - 2 Nos. Plate 60 cms x 60cms sq. x 25mm thick Plane M.S.Plate 45cms x 45cm.sq. x 25mm thick Plane M.S. Plate 30cms x 30cm.sq. x 25mm thick Dial Gauge 0.01mm x 25mm - 4 Nos.

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CBR Test Apparatus

We at Lab Testing Equipments offer to our client a fine quality CBR Test Apparatus. We manufactured CBR Test Apparatus as per the set industry Standards. These are manufactured under the stringent supervision of our skilled team of experts

Comprises of a frame designed for screw jack operation, one each of the adaptor plates and plunger adaptors for 38 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm diameters specimens and a stand to obtain simultaneously three 38 mm diameter samples from one 100 mm diameter sample. The adaptor plate which slides along the slotted supports can be claimed at any desired position by means of locking nuts. Besides this, the tube or mould can be held in position by raising the tube guides and held in position with locking screws. The lead screw movement can be stopped at any predetermined position by tightening the lead screw collar. Plunger adaptor for 200 mm dia samples. Adaptor plate with 200 mm dia hole and device to extract B number 38 mm dia samples.

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Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus

Unconfined Compression Test apparatus can be used either in a laboratory or in field. These are designed as per the set standard and manufactured using high quality Material.

Consists of a spring operated load frame with arrangements for loading 38 mm x 76 mm samples, one set of four load springs of stiffness 0.2 kg, 0.4 kg, 0.8 kg, and 1.6 kg/mm, a calibrated mask and one set of 50 charts, in a metal carrying case.

Spares & Accessories
Charts, set of 50 Calibrated mask. Spring set comprising one each of stiffness 2 N/mm, 4N/mm, 8N/mm and 16 N/mm Coning toll for 38 mm sample (female) Coning toll for 38 mm sample (male) Tripod stand wooden, for using the instrument in field.

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